Monday 19 April 2021

Tiller | Marking Up The Transom Slot

The last big hole to be cut in the hull was the slot in the transom for the tiller, but before I could do that I had to make sure that I cut it out in exactly the right place. I plan to varnish the transom for a bright finish, so no mistakes are allowed here!

As directed by the build manual I stood the rudder against the transom, with its bottom chocked level with the bottom of the keel. Like this.

To get the correct height for the slot I marked in the location of the tiller with a pencil, through the head of the rudder. As here.

You can see that I covered the outside face of the transom with masking tape, to mark up where the slot will be cut.

Next I checked that the centreline was exactly marked in, like this.

All was well. So finally I carefully measured in and marked up the location of the slot, as in this pic.

Next task is to cut out the slot itself - should be fun!

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