Monday 19 April 2021

Boom | Gluing The Scarf

The boom is even simpler than the gaff. It is a straight length of 2 1/4" square Douglas Fir, tapered on the bottom at one end.

It comes in two pieces, presumably because it would be too long to ship in one piece.

The scarf to join the two pieces is ready cut, and merely needs to be cleaned up with the plane before gluing up.

Here is one half of the scarf joint being planed.

The next challenge was to find a flat surface long enough to support the boom while it cured.

The only timber left on the wood rack was for the mast and the tabernacle, so I stowed that out of the way under the boat and used the rack for a work surface.

Plenty of thickened epoxy and lots of clamps, and the scarf was done. Here it is.

I raised the garage door so I could work on the scarf from outside, which was quite pleasant. It was also a real novelty to see the boat from a different angle and from a distance!

That boom is massive and I will leave it to cure for a few days before moving it. 

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