Thursday 1 April 2021

Rudder | Fitting The Bottom Plate

Before I fitted the bottom plate I made sure that the tiller slot was clean, because I would not be able to have easy access once the plate was in place.

Here I am removing epoxy drips and runs inside the slot, with the rudder in the vice.

A chisel, files and sandpaper do the trick.

Next we mark the centre line on the bottom of the rudder and drill pilot holes for the three screws. As here.

The plate is then glued and screwed in place, using three 1 1/2" bronze wood screws as permanent fastenings.

I set the glued up rudder on the cockpit deck, which I knew to be flat and level, and carefully wedged it against the garage door frame to ensure that the blade  was perpendicular to the plate.

Here I am checking that the angle is exactly 90 degrees using a big roofer's square.

All was well. The assembly will be left for a couple of days to fully cure.

The next job on the rudder is to fillet the bottom plate. I can't wait ...

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