Sunday 5 September 2021

Progress, or rather the lack thereof ...

It's been four weeks since we flipped the boat upside down, and I was hoping to get the bottom at least partly finished by now.

But it hasn't happened. For various reasons there have been a lot of distractions from boatbuilding and August was pretty much a write off as far as progress is concerned.

But not to worry. This isn't a race and I don't have any real deadlines other than a desire to finish PocketShip this year, which seems eminently achievable.

The boat has been built, and I have all the hardware and materials to finish it. I even have the sails ready to go.

So, watch this space.

Next step is to fillet the keel and 'glass the bottom of the hull.

I have also decided to fit the bow eye while the boat is upside down and before I paint it. I think it will be easier now rather than waiting until fitting out time.

Cue G&T.

Onwards and upwards!