Thursday 1 April 2021

Portlights | Marking Up The Portholes

Some time back I mentioned that I had decided to fit opening stainless steel portlights to PocketShip. I had seen these on other blogs and thought they looked great! They add a seriously yachty look to the vessel.

The model which I chose is the Vetus PQ51, which is the smallest of the PQ range and looks perfectly in proportion on PocketShip.

The outside diameter of the portlight is 158mm, and the required cut out to accommodate the opening 'window' is 128mm.

Accordingly I set the compass to a 64mm radius and marked out the required openings, like this.

You can see that the opening required here is smaller than the one for the simple PocketShip deadlights, which is why I filled in the pre-routed channel before I 'glassed the topside panels.

The next step will be to cut out the holes. It is always unnerving to cut big holes in a boat ...

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