Monday 19 April 2021

Drain Holes | Drilling

Knowing that the drain holes were correctly located made drilling them a quick and easy activity.

Here is the starboard Dorade box drain hole on the forward deck.

And here is the external drain hole in the same Dorade box.

The Dorade box holes are 12mm, which looks about right to me.

This is the drain hole in the starboard seatback locker.

These holes are 6mm, which seems too small to me. I will most likely enlarge them to 9mm at some point.

And here is the drain hole in the front of the hood, on the starboard side.

Again this is a 6mm hole as specified, but seems too small to me. I will enlarge them before fitting the hood.

I purchased a 20mm augur bit to drill the footwell drain holes, but it tore lumps out of the scrap piece of 18mm ply that I used for practice. So I will hold back on these two holes for now. I really don't want to scar the transom!

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