Thursday 1 April 2021

Cockpit Deck Hatches | Test Installation

The next task in the build manual was a test installation of the cockpit deck hatches.

I cut the hatch openings when I made the decks, so no cutting or trimming was required. The hatch frames dropped snugly and directly into the prepared openings.

I separated the hatch covers from the frames in order to mark up the screw holes, as here.

 A sharp pencil and a bradawl are essential for marking accurate holes.

There is very little room between the frame and the footwell side, and certainly not enough to fit the nuts to the 4mm machine screws with your fingers.

So I found a skinny piece of bamboo cane and stuck the nuts to the end with a tiny piece of Blutack, like this.

That made it easy to position the nuts exactly over the screw holes and fasten the hatch in place.

Here both hatches are installed, one open and one closed.

I am very pleased with these. They look particularly good with the painted interior of the lazarette. 

Very nice!

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