Sunday 1 January 2023

Shutting Up Shop Until The Spring

The old year is behind us, and the new year is here.

Work on PocketShip is now suspended until the spring.

We are off on an extended trip to the South Pacific in the next few days, returning early in March.

We did something similar in 2020 and got hijacked by the Covid pandemic, only just making it back to the UK due to border closures.

Now we are off on our travels again.

I have learned over the previous few years that very few boatbuilding wins are achievable in the UK in January and February. It's simply too cold, too dark, and too uncomfortable to make meaningful progress. At least in an unheated garage workshop.

So, I am happy to shut up shop and leave PocketShip under wraps until March.

There is very little left to do to finish painting her. I need to finish the transom frame stripes, tidy up inside the companionway hood, and refresh the cabin interior.

Then we move on to fitting out. I am really looking forward to that.

No doubt it will take longer than I anticipate (as always!) and will bring its own set of unforeseen challenges, but I can now realistically see that we could be launching the boat in the summer of the coming year.

Which would be good ...

I will update you on progress in 2023. I am looking forward to the launch party.

Happy New Year to you all!