Monday 19 April 2021

Bowsprit | Making Chamfers & Test Fit

The bowsprit is left square edged at each end and in the middle where it passes through the stem. In between the edges are chamfered, to save weight and for looks.

There are eight chamfers in all - two on each edge. 

The chamfers are carefully measured and marked up using the drawings for reference.

A 45 degree chamfer cutter is required for use in the router. The cutter which I had was too large in diameter to fit through the base plate of my ancient Elu router.

Thinking this must be a feature of the Elu, I looked at other 1/4" shaft routers in the local DIY stores. They all had the same size aperture and therefore the same problem.

How strange. What use is a 1/4" shaft, bearing guided, 45 degree cutter which will not fit through the base plate of a 1/4" shaft router?

Undeterred I ground out the Elu baseplate aperture until it was safe to fit the chamfer cutter.

Here is the bowsprit clamped to the saw horses and the router is being deployed.

It makes a hell of a mess so I did it outside.

Here is the finished article on the bench.

The manual correctly states that we cannot resist a test fit. Here is the bowsprit, in position.

That looks great!

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