Saturday 9 January 2021

Rub Rails | Starboard Second Laminate Installation

Fitting the second Sapele laminate on the starboard rub rail went smoothly.

The laminate had been marked up and drilled for temporary screws, and pilot holes drilled in the rub rail.

The test fit went well. Here is a view from the side, showing the ratchet clamps which prevent the laminate from falling away from the rail during installation.

The screws were then slackened off for gluing up. Here is what it looked like at the bow.

A wedge of scrap wood holds the laminate away from the rail to allow gluing.

After application of plenty of glue everything was tightened up again. This is the view at the bow.

And here is the view from astern.

That was free from drama, and I only have one more laminate to fit before I can say that the rub rails are fully installed!

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