Saturday 9 January 2021

Companionway | Making The Flange

I should have fitted the companionway flange some time back, according to the build manual.

The flange goes around the inside of the companionway opening, on the rear cabin wall, and will be used to seal off the interior with drop boards when complete.

I cut the tops of the flange off a little short some weeks back, and rather than fuss with it when there were more important things to get done I left it to one side.

Now I had to get it finished, so started by levelling the bottom edge of the entrance with a rasp, like this.

This is so that water will not lie there, in a trough.

Then I made a pair of fashion pieces for the tops of the flange, like this.

These will carry the flange up to the top of the rear cabin wall, with a recess to fit around the cabin roof carlins.

Lastly I clamped the pieces in place to await gluing when the next epoxy resin task is under way. Here they are.

Onwards and upwards!

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