Saturday 9 January 2021

Companionway Slide | Making The Top

It was time to make the tops for the companionway hood and slide. I did the slide first because it is the easiest.

First I assembled the frame with temporary screws and clamped it to the bench to make sure it was square, like this.

Here I am checking the corners with an engineer's square for trueness.

As you can see, they're fine.

Next I clamped the frame to the slide top, upside down so I could mark up the location of the frame on the underside of the top. Like this.

Again, using the engineer's square to make sure that the frame is perfectly square.

Then the frame was removed and the top marked up and drilled for temporary screws, as in this pic.

I put five screws in each side, to make sure it is buttoned down securely when glued up.

That's it! 

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