Saturday 23 January 2021

Companionway Hood & Slide | Final Assembly

I left the companionway hood and slide inside the house for several days to fully cure before continuing their manufacture. This is the hood, stood in the hallway and all clamped up.

When ready I trimmed the the top of the hood, first marking up the edges so I would know where to cut it. Like this.

I then cut away most of the overhang with the Japanese saw, as here.

Then I cleaned up the edges with the block plane.

And lastly I rounded over the edges with a rasp, like this.

The slide then received the same treatment. Here it is, although its trim is yet to be fitted.

So I next glued the the trim in place. I used a temporary screw at each end to hold it in position, and clamped it up. You can see that I filled all the temporary screw holes at the same time.

Finally I plugged the temporary screw holes in the hood where the support brace had been fitted.

That's the hood and slide nearly finished. They will next be covered with fibreglass.

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