Saturday 9 January 2021

Companionway Hood | Making The Trim

The companionway hood has a piece of trim across its rear edge.

This trim has two functions - to support the top of the hood, and to look good.

The piece of Ash suppled with my timber pack was not wide enough to make it 1" deep as directed by the manual, but the lovely folks at Fyne Boats sent me a new piece. Thanks guys!

I marked it up on the stock using the pattern for the front piece, which serves as a pattern for all the curved transverse parts of the hood. As here.

I cut the bottom of the trim with the jig saw and shaped it with a Shinto saw rasp, like this.

It isn't practical to do this in the vice, so it has to be clamped to the bench. Awkward, but it works.

I cut the width of the trim slightly oversize, so I could trim it after installation for a nice fit, as here.

Then I cut the top edge and shaped it in the vice with the jack plane.

The final task is to bevel the trim to a trapezoidal profile.

The manual says to bevel both faces but I thought this would make it look too 'skinny', so I just shaped the rear face to match the angle of the hood side pieces.

Here we are taking the angle off the hood side pattern with the protractor.

The bevel was copied onto the trim pieces and then planed in the vice. Like this.

This was also very awkward, but achievable.

The finished trim was placed across the hood frame to check fit, as here.

I think that's going to work. We are getting there!

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