Wednesday 15 July 2020

Various Parts | More Clear Coating With Resin

As the boat is assembled every single piece has to receive at least three clear coats of resin to seal it, making it waterproof and  ready for a painted or varnished finish.

As a rule I sand each coat before applying the next, to guarantee a good mechanical grip.

This can be a bit tedious and is a lot of work, but it is important.

Here are a selection of parts which have just been clear coated. You can the Dorade box sides, seatback locker flanges, seatback frame supports and the upper breast hook.

The breast hook is resting on small stainless steel cones, called Paint Points. They are very useful when you want to coat or paint two sides of a piece at the same time, as in this close up of the breast hook.

They hardly leave a mark on the underside, and save a bit of time.

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