Wednesday 15 July 2020

Seatback Tops | Blocking For Fittings

Following on from the previous post, I will need to fit substantial blocking between the upper stringer and the sheerclamp in the seatbacks to provide a strong and secure base for the stanchion supports and mooring cleats at the stern.

The same applies nearer the front of the seatbacks, where we will need to fit sheet blocks for the spinnaker sheets.

The timber supplied in the kit for this is not wide enough. It is 1 1/2" square, and does not fill the gap between the stringer and the sheerclamp.

There is also not enough of it, so I used another length of 1 1/2" square Douglas Fir which has no obvious purpose to make up the quantity.

Then I made them all wider by gluing on a piece of 9mm ply on both sides.

Here are all the pieces, glued up and clamped.

When they were cured I cleaned them all up, as here. The longest one will be cut in two.

Lastly, I checked each block for trueness and marked them up accordingly. Here is one of them.

Fitting the blocking should be fun!

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