Wednesday 15 July 2020

Transom Skirt | Installation

The time had come to install the transom skirt - another milestone event! Once the skirt is permanently in place I can complete the seatbacks.

This was a straightforward exercise. I taped the joints inside and out to minimise any mess.

First I mixed up a small quantity of thickened epoxy glue and coated the faces of the transom skirt support blocks, and the ends of the upper stringers and transom cleats.

Then I fastened the transom skirt in place with temporary screws, and mixed up a batch of fillet mixture with wood flour.

I used a pastry bag to dispense the fillet mix, filling the open join between the skirt and the transom. It took a lot of mix to fill it - two doses from my measuring cups, which is over 150mll.

This is what the installed skirt looks like from astern.

And here is the view from inside the boat.

There was very little squeeze out from the inside joint - it is a very good join and fit.

I will leave everything to cure fully, and then sand and shape the external fillet.

We are really moving along nicely now!

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