Wednesday 15 July 2020

Stanchion Support Configuration

I had been thinking hard about how to install the fittings for the boom gallows poles in the seatback lockers.

The manual says that we install the stanchion support fitting inside the locker, on the decking.

However, there is very little room in there to install a fitting that will allow the pole to emerge vertically through the seatback top. In the manual the builder cuts away the side flange of a fitting to squeeze it in.

I wasn't very keen on that idea. I've got a pair of very nice stainless steel rectangular stanchion supports in my hardware pack, and I'm not going to hack them about with a grinder!

I asked for any ideas on the PocketShip forum and received an immediate and excellent suggestion.

Why not put the stanchion support on the top of the seatback, and hold the bottom in place with a wooden block inside the locker, on the deck?

Why not indeed. What a good idea, and an obvious solution which had nonetheless not occurred to me before.

Also, in the build manual the aft mooring cleat is fastened to the seatback top to the rear of the the gallows pole. It is a small, plasticky looking thing - I have nice big stainless steel mooring cleats, and is there is no room for them aft of the gallows poles.

So after a small amount of agonising I decided to fit the cleat in front of the pole.

Here is a mock up of how it will look.

Very smart!

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