Saturday 21 November 2020

Upper Hull | Sanding & Patches

While waiting for the rub rail laminates to cure I sanded the fibreglass which now covered the upper hull.

As expected, this was a fairly tedious experience but made bearable by having decent sanders to work with.

There is not a great deal to say about sanding, but here are some pics anyway.

This is the starboard cockpit deck and seatback, freshly sanded.

 And this is the starboard topside and cabin top, seen from the bow.

Same side but seen from the stern.

I snipped the support piece out of the rear cabin wall before sanding here, to add some excitement to the process.

This is the cockpit and rear cabin wall, sanded and seen from behind the boat.

Inevitably, I managed to sand through the layer of fibreglass in a few places.

I marked them with a bit of blue tape as it happened, so that I could easily find them to patch them later.

As here on the front cabin wall and Dorade boxes.

Finally, when all the sanding was complete I made fibreglass patches and wetted them all out.

I will sand and feather-edge them at some point when the sanders are in action again. This is the cockpit, with its patches in place.

Not too pretty, but cleaning up will have to wait while I make the rub rails!

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