Saturday 7 November 2020

Fibreglass | Cabin Roof & Topsides

When the fillets were all smooth and ready for 'glass I laid a sheet of cloth on each side of the cabin roof, overlapping onto the topsides and across the chine onto the lower hull.

Here is the cloth laid out on the cabin top, Dorade box and topside on the port side.

I cut nice wide overlaps all around.

Here is the same side viewed from the rear.

The humble wall paper brush is the best tool I have found for smoothing the cloth into place. It doesn't snag or catch the weave.

The same process was carried out on the starboard side of the boat, as here.

This was quite straightforward, with very little cutting to get neat overlaps on the front and rear cabin walls.

A full width sheet of cloth was used and allowed to fall down over the chine onto the lower hull sides.

The cloth was then wetted out with a disposable roller. This is the view from port at the front of the boat.

Note that I have cut away the top of the cradle support arms to allow the cloth to overlap the chine.

And here is the same side viewed from the rear.

Lastly, here is the view from starboard at the front of the boat.

There are generous overlaps all round.

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