Saturday 7 November 2020

Portlights | Decision Time

I have been thinking about portlights for some time, having seen some really nice stainless steel ones on other builders' blogs.

I'm not too keen on the simple acrylic deadlights supplied as standard. They look rather dull and don't open for ventilation.

The portlights which I favour are made by Vetus and have a 125mm cut out for fitting, which is slightly smaller than the cut out for the acrylic deadlights. It's the Vetus PQ51, and they look great! Expensive, but great.

So I would need to fill in the channel which is pre-routed for the cut out on the cabin topside panel before covering it with 'glass cloth.

I went ahead and did so. I can always cut out the opening as intended by the designer if I decide to stick with the acrylic deadlights.

Here is the starboard topside, with the channel filled in.

And here is the port side.

That was easy!

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