Saturday 7 November 2020

Fibreglass | Cockpit Deck

Time to 'glass the cockpit deck.

After some pondering I decided to used a single full width sheet of cloth laid down the centre of the cockpit, leaving a small area on each side to be covered by overlaps from the seatbacks.

I would also be able to have a generous overlap down into the footwell.

In this way I could cover almost all the deck with a single piece of cloth, with no overlapping seam along the middle.

First I removed the cardboard covers that protect the watertight locker interiors. As here.

I laid some plastic dust sheeting in the locker bottoms, to catch any epoxy drips. Like this.

Then I laid a sheet of cloth in the cockpit, cutting for overlaps onto the transom and the rear cabin wall and down onto the footwell sides. It looked like this.

Like the cabin tops and topsides, minimal measuring and cutting were required.

Finally all was wetted out with clear resin and left to cure. Here is the front view from port.

We're getting there!

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