Saturday 7 November 2020

Fibreglass | Forward Cabin Wall & Dorade Boxes

Unlike the cabin tops and cockpit deck, the forward cabin wall is a complex shape and a pattern is required if we are to cover it with a single piece of 'glass cloth.

So I measured the various panels that comprise the forward cabin wall and Dorade boxes and marked them out on a paper pattern. I also scribed in the curve of the cabin roof.

This is the paper panel on the bench.

It was a good fit in the boat, as here.

A panel of 'glass cloth was cut using the pattern and dry fitted to the cabin wall, like this.

 Finally it was carefully wetted out with clear resin, working from the top down and centreline outwards to stop the cloth from falling onto the deck. It went well and looked like this.

Wetting out is satisfying because it covers a large area very quickly!

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