Monday 16 October 2023

Trailer Side & Stern Supports

I climbed into the boat shortly after getting it onto the trailer, and I was immediately concerned about its stability.

Compared with the build cradle, it felt very unstable. And of course it was only being held upright by the bunks, which only make contact with the hull at one place on the bottom panels.

So I got out of the boat - quickly.

At one point in the build, before it was turned upside down, the boat was out of its cradle and held upright by a pair of modified sawhorses. And it was very stable and safe and easy to work on and in.

So I decided to do the same again.

I strengthened the sawhorses and added an upright to each of them to fit under the gunwale.

Here is the starboard support in place.

The top of the support is padded. When both are in place I lower the trailer until both gunwales are lightly resting on the uprights.

The boat is then perfectly stable to work inside.

The guys at the trailer supplier said to make sure that the rear of the trailer is blocked off, so it can't tip down when weight is over the stern.

So I made a support to clamp to the trailer. Here it is.

And here I am applying four coats of Danish oil to the support and base plate, so it's moderately weather proof.

Now I can finish fitting her out.

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