Friday 27 October 2023

Cockpit Drain Holes | Enlarging

I reported in a previous post that I discovered that all the drain holes were too high and allowed standing water to accumulate in the Dorade boxes, seatback lockers and footwell.

That was no good at all, so making them larger was a priority task.

I tackled the cockpit first.

The footwell drain holes would need to be made considerably bigger to make them flush with the footwell sole. I measured and reckoned that a 30mm hole would do the trick.

I made a template using the Iris drawing wheel given to me by my son one Christmas. Thanks Nick! Like this.

The template was then stuck to the outside of the transom in the correct position and the holes enlarged, as here.

I used a rasp to enlarge the holes downwards and then a fine file and sandpaper to finish them neatly. Like this.

I masked off the transom and applied two coats of clear resin inside the holes to seal them.

Then I used the Dremel with a small flame burr to shape the seatback locker drains.

This is the starboard drain hole, taped up and with a coat of clear resin.

I think they will disappear when painted.

The Dorade boxes are next.

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