Monday 16 October 2023

Acrylic Drop Boards | Marking Up & Making

The kit came with a pair of pre cut transparent acrylic drop boards for the companionway, but I made mine from marine ply using the pattern also provided.

So in that sense making the acrylic drop boards would be another vanity project, because I don't actually need them.

I thought it would be fun, though. So I went ahead.

I marked up the flange on the upper drop board. This will cover and seal the gap between the two boards. Like this.

Then I marked up and cut out the flange itself from 8mm Sapele. Here I am trimming the end with the block plane.

Next I drilled holes for machine screws in the flange and the acrylic sheet.

I was extra specially careful to get this right, because you can't just plug a hole in the acrylic if it's in the wrong place.

I used the drill guide to make sure the holes are perpendicular, like this.

I am using the other board to provide a flat surface for the drill guide to sit on.

I fastened the flange temporarily in place with M4 pan head machine screws and nuts. This is what it looked like.

And last came the test fit. Here is the drop board in the boat's companionway.

Looking good!

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