Monday 16 October 2023

Boom Gallows | Test Installation

I waited for a fine day before pulling the tarp off the boat and making a test installation of the boom gallows.

The port stanchion fitting for the support pole had always been a tight fit and I thought it might make the installation of the boom gallows harder than it should be.

A close examination revealed that the hole through the seatback top was too tight, and was impeding the stainless steel pole.

I wanted a snug fit, but thinking about it realised that it was the stanchion fitting that held the pole - not the hole.

So I reamed out the seatback hole until the pole fitted easily, and sealed it with two coats of epoxy  resin.

I had to remove and then refit the stanchion support but that was simple enough, and I found that sealing compound is not very adhesive and fittings are easy to remove.

So I fitted both poles and sat the boom gallows in place. I didn't really expect it to fit perfectly first time, and of course it didn't!

It was only few millimetres out though, and only required minimal reaming of the holes for the poles to achieve a good fit.

Here we are doing the reaming.

The boom gallows was then installed, and looked like this.

The stanchion fittings hold the poles in place with grub screws. This is the port fitting.

They are surprisingly effective!

This the 'persuader' that I used to tap the boom gallows home.

It seemed very solid and secure when in place.

I labelled everything so each piece will be installed in the same way. Like this.

That went better than I expected, and it looks great!

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