Monday 16 October 2023

Tiller | Making Another One

One of the jobs on the snagging list could be more accurately described a a vanity project, because it was purely aesthetic.

When test fitting the rudder I found that for whatever reason I had located the aperture a bit too low in the transom, so the tiller looked out of place. Like this.

The rudder is in the right place, so it must be the aperture that is wrongly located.

I thought about enlarging the aperture but that would be a lot of work, and the rudder seems to be perfectly functional as it is.

Then I thought about grafting a piece onto the lower face of the tiller, to fair it in and make it look nicer.

And in the end I just made a new tiller. I always thought that the tiller looked a bit flimsy and was going to make a spare anyway, so that was the decision.

I made a pattern first. Here I am marking it up.

I checked that the pattern fitted correctly, as here.

That looked good so I marked up a nice piece of Ash, like this.

I am using the original pattern so I can spring a lath into place and mark a fair curve on the inside.

Then I cut out the tiller with the jig saw. Here I am shaping it in the vice.

This is the final shaped and sanded tiller.

And lastly I rounded it over with a 3/8" roller guided cutter in the router. This is it.

Varnish next.

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