Friday 27 October 2023

Boat Cover | It's On!

The cheap plastic tarpaulin which I was using as a temporary boat cover was not performing very well. It stretches and forms deep pools of water when it rains, so I was looking forward to getting the real thing in canvas which was being made for me by Frank at Seal Seam.

So I was very pleased when Frank showed up at my door with the cover. It was pouring with rain so we couldn't fit it there and then. But I thought I could manage on my own.

A fine dry day arrived and on went the cover. It fights very nicely and looks great.

Here it is.

It is held in place by elasticated cord which runs in a seam the full length of each side of the cover and is tied at the bow and the transom. The cord snugs the cover into place below the rub rails.

Here is another view.

That is so much better and I am confident it will do the job.

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