Monday 11 September 2023

HOW many hours?! (2)

With the boat on the trailer I thought it would be interesting to see how much effort has gone into PocketShip thus far.

The last time I did this was February 2021, and the figure was 2000 hours.

Considerably more than the designer's estimate of around 650 hours!

And back then I still had delusions of launching the boat in the same year. Of course, it didn't happen.

So I took some time today to go back through the build logs and tot up the hours spent to get to to this point.

The figure is 3800 hours. I reckon it will be around 4000 by the the time we splash.

Has it been worth it? Without any doubt. It's been an amazing experience.

But definitely time for a glass of something cold …

That's better.