Monday 16 October 2023

Non Slip Finish | Product Test

I had been thinking about a non slip finish for quite some time.

It seems inevitable that without such a finish it will be difficult and potentially dangerous to move around the boat - especially on the cabin roof.

A tin of anti slip floor paint was supplied with the paint package, and that had always been my default assumption and choice.

Here it is.

But a visiting boat enthusiast (Steve) told me about a product he was using on his yacht, which consists of tiny rubber granules which are painted onto the surface.

He said it was excellent, so I purchased a pack.

This is it.

It came from Holland and like all things to do with boatbuilding was quite expensive!

I wanted to find out which product would be best, so I primed a pair of scrap boards for the trial.

Then I applied a coat of gloss to the first board and sprinkled on the rubber granules, making sure that the surface was completely covered.

I applied a coat of anti slip paint to the other board.

The following day I brushed off all the loose granules for reuse, and applied a second coat of gloss.

A second coat of anti slip paint went onto the other board.

When they were both dry I compared the two. Here they are.

The anti slip paint feels rough, and the aggregate material is unevenly spread - despite careful use of a roller. I think it would feel uncomfortable underfoot, and it doesn't look great.

The other board however is evenly covered and feels nice to the touch. It isn't soft, but it isn't rough either. So that's what I will use.

Again I'm not sure when the non slip surfaces will be applied, but at least I know how to do it.

Thanks Steve!

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