Friday 4 December 2020

Rub Rails | Installation of Port First Laminate

I spent ages installing the first layer of the port rub rail - more correctly termed a laminate - but took very few photos.

I think I was so preoccupied with not breaking the rail and making sure that it was a fair and secure fit that I forgot about the camera!

I also failed to prepare properly for the installation, and made a dreadful mess with the epoxy.

I was fearful of having a dry joint between the rail and the hull side, and I made up too much glue.

When I fixed the laminate in place with the temporary screws the surplus epoxy oozed out and dripped everywhere. The hull side, the floor and mats, and my shoes all got a large dose of thickened epoxy. Yuk.

But all turned out well, despite the mess and the drama.

Here is the laminate glued in place, seen looking towards the stern.

What a mess.

And it transpired that I needed three big F clamps to hold the rail in place alongside the seatback lockers - not just two.

And here is the view at the bow.

I was very pleased to achieve a tight fit against the hull along the whole length of the rail.

Now that we are installing secondary rather than primary structural components, it is starting to feel like we are moving into the final phases of the build.

I will no doubt regret saying that in the coming days and weeks. Pride before a fall ...

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