Friday 4 December 2020

Rub Rails | Remaking The Third Port Laminate

The new Sapele arrived really quickly for the repairs to the shattered third laminate of the port rub rail.

I purchased a 2.5m length to completely replace the same length of rail that had snapped in two places.

I cut the broken rail at the old scarf to make a new joint just a few millimetres further along. This way I could keep the new scarf aligned with the existing scarfs on the other two laminates, and still have only two scarfs on the finished laminate.

That ought to look good.

I then cut a scarf on the new Sapele and took the pieces into the house to be glued together.

Here is the new scarf being test fitted.

It fitted together nicely.

Next it was glued up and left to cure. Here is a view of the full length.

I will leave this for several days to make sure it is strong enough to survive being fitted to the rail.


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