Friday 4 December 2020

Companionway Hood | Making The Sides

While the remade laminate for the port rub rail was curing inside the nice warm house, I made the side pieces for the companionway hood.

Having marked up the sides using the pattern provided I then clamped them down on the bench and cut them out with the jig saw.

Here is one side, freshly cut.

Next the top and bottom edges were planed straight and true with the jack plane. Here we are truing up the top edge.

The difficult end grain at the forward end was trimmed in the vice with the block plane, as here.

The other end was rounded over with a Shinto saw rasp. Like this.

And lastly the curved shoulder was shaped with wood rasps. This old rasp is particularly vicious and very effective!

The sides were then set aside to await assembly.

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