Monday 12 October 2020

Cleaning Up The Transom!

The installation of the transom is lost in the mists of time now, but when I did it I made a bit of a mess with squeezed out epoxy on the outside of the transom panel.

The hull side and topside panels also projected very slightly beyond the transom, and would need to be trimmed at some point.

My intention is to have a bright finish on the transom. That dark hardwood veneer will look great varnished, and it will be the only part of the hull to be finished that way.

So I had to be very careful not to scar the transom when cleaning it up.

Having had lots of practice in trimming the cabin roof and seatback top edges, I decided to clean up the transom while I was at it.

Again I used the sander as a grinder to remove most of the epoxy and excess ply, and then switched to finish sanding to complete the job.

In this pic you can see the before (starboard) and after (port) halves of the transom.

And here is the finished article.

You can also see that I have shaped and smoothed the big fat fillet on the outside of the boat where transom and transom skirt are joined.

That was fun!


  1. Thanks! I'm in the midst of finishing the transom skirt trim. That will be the next post.