Monday 12 October 2020

Cabin Roof | Installation

When all the preparation was complete and all tools and materials standing by ready for use, I went ahead with the permanent installation of the cabin roof.

It went well, with little or no drama.

Here is a view from starboard of the roof glued in place and firmly buttoned down with plenty of temporary screws.

This is another view from the port side.

You can see that the roof is quite considerably oversized at the front, almost as if the original design had a longer cabin but the roof panel was left unchanged!

It's no matter - it is actually very reassuring to know that there is plenty of waste material around the perimeter.

The temporary screws into the carlins in the hatchway were insufficient by themselves to hold the roof down tightly, so I added some spring clamps to assist. As here.

That did the job nicely.

When all the screws and clamps were in place I cleaned up the squeezed out epoxy on the outside, and then hopped into the cabin to do the same inside.

Lastly, I pulled out all the blue tape which was protecting the interior of the roof and the Dorade boxes from squeeze out. It worked really well, as this pic of the port roof shows.

Luckily I took photos before the glue had cured, when I noticed that a strip of blue tape was still in place. So I quickly peeled it off.

This is a view of the starboard roof inside the cabin.

An this is the view looking forward.

The cabin will be entirely white inside, and will look very smart indeed!

Next job is the seatback tops ...

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