Monday 12 October 2020

Seatback Tops | Installation

With the roof trimmed to size it was now time to fit the tops to the cockpit seatbacks.

This was a straightforward exercise.

The tops were securely buttoned down with plenty of temporary screws and epoxy resin, being careful not to apply too much glue in way of the seatback locker tops where squeeze out could make a nasty mess.

I installed the port side first, using plenty of glue.

When satisfied that it was tightly held down by all the screws I scraped off all the flash on the outside.

Then I carefully scraped off and wiped away any epoxy on the upper inside edges of the locker. To do this you need to be able see inside the locker - doing it by feel alone will just make a mess. Here is my secret weapon for doing this.

It's an old bicycle mirror, used with a couple of small, bright lights to see into each corner of the locker. It works really well.

Lastly I pulled the blue tape from inside the locker.

Here is a view of the port seatback top from the stern.

I repeated the exercise on the starboard seatback.

This is what both seatback tops looked like when installed, seen from astern.

With the roof and seatbacks in place it feels like we are really making inroads to this build!

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