Monday 12 October 2020

Seatback Tops | Trimming To Size

When the seatback tops had cured I set about trimming off the excess material inside and outside the boat.

Again the marking device shown in the build manual came in very handy. Here is it is use.

Then I used the Japanese saw to remove most of the excess from both outboard edges.

Experience gained from trimming the cabin roof made this a quick and easy task.

The inboard edges were a little trickier.

There is nowhere to start a saw cut inside the boat, so I drilled a couple of entry holes and used a keyhole saw to remove enough waste to fit in a saw. Like this.

That allowed the Japanese saw to be deployed to cut out most of the excess material. As here. 

This was straightforward. A chisel was required to chop away the excess at each end.

Then, as with the cabin roof, the sander was used in rotary mode with a P40 grit to grind away what waste remained before switching to random orbital mode and P60 and P80 grit to clean up the inboard and outboard edges.

Here are both seatback tops trimmed, seen from astern.

She is starting to look like a capable little boat!

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