Sunday 6 March 2022

Hull Side Panels | Gloss Paint & Bubbles

I masked off the white boot top stripe and applied the first coat of blue gloss to the sides, using a 4" roller and a foam brush for tipping out.

Not surprisingly it looked pretty patchy, as in this view from astern.

The following day I was slightly dismayed to find that a number of tiny bubbles had formed as the paint dried overnight. I had no idea why and didn't spend any time worrying about it.

This is what the surface now looked like, in some places.

That would not do at all! So I carefully ground out the bubbles with a fine carbide burr in my small cordless drill, and filled them all with Hempel Profair filler.

This is how it looked.

Not pretty, I know, but I was sure that subsequent coats of gloss would cover it all up nicely.

Onwards and upwards!

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