Sunday 6 March 2022

Centreboard | Fishing For The Pendant

We need to thread a line through the pendant hole in the cockpit and around the sheave in the centreboard trunk and up through the bottom of the boat.

We need this to pull the centreboard pendant through to the cockpit when we install the board.

I thought this would be tricky but it turned out to be very easy.

I made a small loop in the end of a length of thin and flexible garden wire, like this.

I threaded the wire into the trunk from the cockpit and through the sheave.

Then I made a small hook in the end of a piece of stiff wire, like this.

This was lowered into the trunk and hooked into the loop in the garden wire and pulled through the centreboard slot at the first attempt. Easy!

I then taped some thin line to the garden wire and pulled it through, making it fast with a piece of cardboard so it could not fall back into the trunk. As here.

That was fun!

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