Sunday 27 March 2022

Hull Side Panels | Finishing The Finish - Again!

I stated in a previous post that I was not entirely happy with the blue hull side panels. There was a 3" wide strip of dull paint all along the panel, next to the white stripe.

It isn't clear to me how it happened, but this was the strip not masked off and covered to protect the sides from the mess entailed in wet sanding. I must have spoiled the surface somehow when finishing the white stripe.

There were also a few light patches where there was insufficient depth of paint, despite the six coats of gloss that had been applied.

I decided to just leave it for a while, to see if I could live with it. As I suspected, I couldn't.

So I masked off the white bottom panels and boot top stripe, and wet sanded the blue side panels and boot top stripe with a P800 grit.

Five more coats of gloss were then applied to obtain a good depth of colour with no dull or light patches.

Finally I wet sanded the blue with P800, P1500, P2000 and P2500 wet and dry paper before finishing with P5000, P9000 and P11000 polishing compound and the rotary sander.

This is what it looked like.

It was a massive amount of work but I was now sure that the sides would stand close scrutiny. The depth of colour is good and the surface is like glass. Very nice.

But I wouldn't care to do it again!

It was now time to start on the transom. I am copying the paint scheme on the prototype PocketShip, so there will a boot top stripe across the transom and a frame up the sides. The transom itself will be finished bright with varnish.

I started by masking off the transom and painting the blue stripe, as here.

This is going to take a long time!

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