Sunday 6 March 2022

Hull Bottom Panels | Finishing The Finish

I decided to aim for a better finish on the bottom panels, not because they would be on show but because I wanted to practice before tackling the topsides at some future date.

Accordingly I invested in some wet and dry sandpaper and a set of polishing attachments and compounds for the Rotex 90 sander.

First I pulled the masking tape on the blue stripe.

Then I wet sanded the bottom panels with P800 through to P2500 grits.

Lastly I polished the panels with Festool polishing compounds from P5000 through to P11000.

This was the result.

The surface is now beautifully smooth - like glass - but it isn't as shiny as I had hoped.

I will no doubt find a way of improving the lustre at some point, not that it matters on the unseen bottom panels which will in any case get scraped and scratched in use.

We're getting there, slowly but surely!

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