Thursday 25 November 2021

Keel | Pivot Hole

While drilling the centreboard I also drilled the pivot hole in the keel.

When I assembled the keel way back at the beginning of the build I thought it would be a miracle if the the pre-drilled port and starboard holes lined up exactly.

I was right. First I drilled the starboard hole, as here.

That looks OK, but when I drilled through and out the other side this is what it looked like from port.

Hmmm. That needs to be filled and re-drilled.

First I enlarged the misaligned hole with a rasp, like this.

Then I filled the hole with thickened epoxy and clamped a couple of plastic cards in place to retain the mixture. Like this.

This is what it looked like when cured.

Lastly I sanded off the excess epoxy and drilled a new hole, as here.

 All's well that ends well!

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