Thursday 25 November 2021

Hull Exterior | Clear Coating & Sanding

 A lot of sanding was required to get the hull to a suitable condition for paint.

The manual states that we could easily spend a day sanding the hull. I 'easily' spent several days on the requisite three clear coats of resin.

This is the part sanded hull after its second clear coat.

I am using the Rotex 90 sander with a medium-soft head in finish-sand mode. It works really well on curved surfaces.

This the hull after its third and final clear coat.

This is what it looked like after final sanding to P80 grit.

The bits of blue tape mark where a small ding needs to be patched or faired. There were very few.

And while I was at it I sanded the rub rails and rounded them over with a rasp and some sandpaper. As here.

They are looking nice!

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