Thursday 25 November 2021

Bowsprit & Mast | Pivot Holes

I would soon be varnishing the spars so pivot holes in the mast and bowsprit needed to be drilled.

First I set the bowsprit in place to mark up the hole, as here.

Then I set the bowsprit up on the pillar drill and clamped it in place, like this.

A spirit level ensured that the bowsprit was level and that the hole would be exactly perpendicular. Like this.

Here is the drilled hole.

I found that the drill did not have sufficient depth of travel to drill all the way through, so it had to be drilled from both sides. All went well.

The mast was next.

Here the mast is set up in the same way as the bowsprit, checked with a spirit level.

Lastly here is the drilled mast hole, again drilled accurately from both sides.

That was fun!

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