Sunday 7 May 2023

Transom Frame | Completing The Paint Job

I have shamelessly copied the colour scheme and layout of the protype PocketShip, because I think it looks so good.

This involves painting a 'frame' on the transom, continuing the blue and white paintwork from the sides and bottom of the hull onto the edges of the bright finished transom itself.

The blue side stripes and the white stripes across the bottom of the transom were finished last year but I discovered that the latter were blemished for some unknown reason and had to be redone.

By the time I stopped work in December the blue top stripe and white bottom stripes had received eight coats of primer.

So the first thing I did was to apply two more coats of primer, and when dry I wet sanded it to a P800 finish. Like this.

The hot air gun - on a low heat setting - is excellent for drying the sanded surface revealing any remaining brush marks.

Then ten coats of blue and white gloss were applied by brush and tipped out with a foam brush. Here are the completed stripes.

When nice and hard the stripes were then wet-sanded from P800 through to P2500 grits.

They were then finished with P5000 and P9000 polishing compound. As here.

Then came the moment I had been looking forward to for a long time - unveiling the whole transom! Here it is with all tape and masking removed.

It does look lovely, but it was an awful lot of work and I would tackle it differently if I did it again.

Which I most emphatically will not ...

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