Friday 19 May 2023

Dorade Boxes | Paint On The Filler Pieces

The filler pieces for the incorrectly located ventilator holes were ready for paint, so the area around each piece was masked off and five coats of primer were applied.

When hard I wet sanded the primer to a P800 finish.

Lastly, I pulled the masking tape and wet sanded to feather the edges back to the original surface.

Here we are wet sanding, in the by now usual fashion.

This is the starboard Dorade box. The left half has been feather edged, and the right half still shows where it was masked off. 

When the primed areas were smooth and flush with the surrounding painted surface, I masked them off again and applied gloss.

This is the first coat on the port Dorade box.

I don't think the final finish will be invisible, but it will be very hard to find ...

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