Friday 19 May 2023

Rudder | Getting Ready For Installation

After the bow eye the next fitting out task is the installation of the rudder.

This is rather a big deal because it involves drilling holes through the beautiful varnished sapele transom, so everything has to be right first time. There is no going back if the holes are in the wrong place.

I laid out the various parts for the rudder pivot mechanism and was immediately struck by the size of the stainless steel rod. At 10mm diameter it seemed a bit skinny for the eyes supplied for the pivot mechanism, and at 75cm it was definitely shorter than the one depicted in the manual.

Here I am measuring it up.

Yep, definitely too short!

I did a drawing nonetheless to see if it could work. This is it.

Nope. It wasn't going to look right or work properly, so I contacted the kit vendor who confirmed that it should actually be 12mm rod and 33" in length i.e., 85cm.

So, I stopped work on the rudder and awaited the arrival of a new rod.

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