Friday 19 May 2023

Tabernacle | Test Installation

While waiting for a new pivot rod for the rudder to arrive I decided to install the tabernacle.

This should not be a big deal because it had been carefully made to fit, although that was some time ago and things could have moved a little since then.

I reamed out the bolt holes to clean out any paint and made sure the bolts fitted nicely.

Then I stood the tabernacle in place on the foredeck and tried to fit the bolts through the front cabin wall and support pad.

The top two bolts slid easily into place, but the bottom two were ever so slightly out of whack. Not much, but enough to prevent the bolts sliding through.

So I inserted two lengths of threaded rod into the bottom two holes and screwed them through with a pair of pliers. Like this.

Next I unscrewed one of the rods and drilled right through the support pad, cabin wall and the tabernacle, to clean out the hole. A bolt then slid easily into place.

The same thing was then done to the remaining bolt hole and the nuts tightened up inside the cabin. Here they are.

They are dome nuts and look really nice.

At last. Something is actually finished.

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