Friday 19 May 2023

Boom Gallows Support Poles | Test Installation

Happy that the tabernacle had been successfully installed I moved on to the boom gallows.

First I tried the poles in their sockets. Here they are.

So far so good. Straight and true and a perfect fit.

The poles are held in place by stanchion supports. Here is one fitted to the starboard deck and pole.

That fitted beautifully, but the one on the port side refused to go into place.

At first I assumed that it was either a poor casting or had been machined incorrectly, but after some time wrestling with it the penny finally dropped.

It was the wrong size. The poles are 1" diameter so require 1" stanchion supports. One of mine was actually 7/8", so it would never fit.

I contacted the kit vendor, and a replacement is on its way.

Time to move on to something else!

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